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All posts should remain on the topic of Wicked and its cast members (past, present and future).

You must obtain approval from a moderator prior to promoting a website and/or community that has nothing to do with Wicked.

Before posing a question, review the community's FAQ. It's probable that your answer lies there.

Posting of icons and other images is permitted, however, be considerate of those on a dial-up connection; Post under a cut if you're sharing 4 or more icons and/or larger images.

Rumors are fun but a waste of time if false. Before posting with a "This just in," do some research to see if the claim has any validity to it.

Have respect for one another. Let's leave the drama at the Gershwin.

The discussion or trading of bootlegs or other illegal material is strictly prohibited.

Violating posts will be deleted and their authors will be banned from the community. Consider these few rules your first and only warning.

Above all, have fun by sharing your stories, posing questions and speaking your mind on anything concerning Wicked.

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