You, too, could own Lego Form



09.27.10   2:02 AM

I'm just saying...YOU COULD. Lego Minis Series Two has a Green skinned witch who tries to good but it doesn't necessarily goes that way.



09.16.10   1:13 PM

Anyone here who still regularly sees the London show? I did day tickets on a weekday a month or so ago but I am wondering how much earlier I should get there to get them on a weekend. And hey if anyone is around London and feels like going but can't be there to queue, I am going alone so we could always meet up for a show :)

Behind the Emerald Curtain - Costume Edition



08.26.10   8:20 PM

Stephen Schwartz's site has just posted this video that follows the construction of a new Madame Morrible costume, from bolt to Broadway.

Behind the Emerald Curtain: Costume Edition

Love the costumes!

Wicked movie will have to wait for now.



08.07.10   7:19 PM

I just read an interview with Stephen Schwartz saying that a movie is in the works BUT then he goes on to say it will be released in about 5 years.

One thing he mentioned was the ongoing success of theatre sales... sounds like if we all stopped buying tickets that the movie would be made sooner? My friend reminded me that I was part of the problem since I just bought tickets to see it again!

Read article here

Falling for Eve!



07.30.10   12:12 PM


Book: Joe DiPietro
Music: Bret Simmons
Lyrics: David Howard
Based on Adam Alone: David Howard

In the new musical, Falling for Eve, Creation is going perfectly. Eve, curious about what lies beyond the Garden of Eden, bites the apple. Then Adam doesn't. A fresh and unconventional retelling of the most famous romance of all time, Falling for Eve offers a second look at the world's first love story.

Discount tickets are available!!

Use code HHCEVE to get $43.00 Tickets! (Reg. $67.50)

Use HHCEVE at or at (212)935-5820!

This steamy new musical runs through August 8th!!

Theatre at Saint Peter's on 54th Street, just East of Lexington Ave.

Group Rates are Available!!

Merchandise question



06.24.10   3:15 PM

Quick question because you guys have been in this fandom longer than me. I'm looking for the charms. I bought the 2009 Grimmerie charm, and I'm about to get the 2007 Oz charm, but does anybody know where I can get the 2008 For Good charm? It's the one with the clock with the broom and wand in the middle, I believe. According to the OzDust Boutique, it's discontinued and they don't have any more, but I wondered if any of you know of a secondhand site or something that might still have some in stock. Thanks for helping if you can!




06.11.10   10:22 PM

broadwayverse broadwayverse broadwayverse

Broadwayverse is an interactive competition encompassing all Broadway-related theatre. Members are sorted into teams and then participate in games and challenges, such as writing fic, making graphics, and solving puzzles. Some of the challenges involve skill, but most of them are participation and/or luck based, so everyone and anyone can join in the fun. Points are awarded at the end of each challenge, and the team with the highest number of points at the end of the phase wins.

Good pics for graphics?



05.30.10   8:20 PM

Hey guys,
longtime lurker, first time poster, in love with wicked blah blah...
anyone know of any good websites with lots of screencaps/photos from the show that are good for graphics....
gunna make some banners, whenever I get round to it I shall post :)
but first i need decent pics? any suggestions?
thanks heaps!

x-posted, sorry for spamming anyones friends page

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Wicked Young Writers Award



05.16.10   6:18 PM

I'm not sure if I'm doing this right or if it is allowed so feel free to take down the post.

In recent months I have become 'slightly' obsessed with Wicked. There were recently cast changes in London so I went on the website to find out more when I saw a notice about something called the Wicked Young Writers Award.

I know that many people on here write both fanfiction and their own work and decided that this award might be something you might be interested. It is basically a writing competition for people aged between 5-25 years old. You can write about anything and it can be any form. There are differnt age groups and 20 people are chosen from each group. These people go to an awards ceremony where on person is chosen for each group as a winner. The winners recieve four tickets to see Wicked and meet the cast  as well as having a master class in writing from one of the judges, which include Gregory Maguire (writer of Wicked) and Michael Morpurgo. The people who were in the Top 20 get their pieces published in an anthology.

For people aged between 17-25 there is also the Gregory Maguire Award which involves you taking a well-known story and showing it from a new perspective, similar to what Maguire did with The Wizards of OZ.

If anyone wants to enter the website for information and entry form is

Just thought some of you might want to enter. I know I will be!


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London tips?



05.05.10   2:02 AM

I'm going to England for the summer and was wondering if anyone had thoughts/tips on the London show.

I've heard good things so I'm inclined to assume that the production and the current cast are good but I'd love to hear any more thoughts. Do they do lotto, rush or any other kind of discounted tickets? Stage dooring info? (Hell, I've never been to England and most of the trip I'll be on a farm, not in London, so any recs/tips at all would be appreciated even non-Wicked related ;)

Thanks for any info at all!

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